Bullying and Mobbing in the Company

I’ll tell you about my experience.



Probably you have already heard the word Bullying and Mobbing and lots of people have involuntarily suffered it (some more, some less) without even understanding what it was.
Let us start from the end of the word:
Bullying: it is a violent and intentional behavior, both physical and psychological, oppressive and vexatious, repeated over time.
Mobbing: means to encircle, to attack in a group. It is the typical behavior of the herd that attacks the prey, and indicates a working situation of conflict, systematic and persistent, in which one or more people are made the subject of actions, “persecutory”, by one or more superior, inferior aggressors or of equal rank. The aim: to harm the victim (s).

Before continuing, I can undoubtedly tell you that most of the time the “executioner” does not know he is.
This type of attitude towards a person, however, can lead to dramatic consequences: resignation, depression, estrangement to the most atrocious, suicide.
In this article I don’t want to talk about the various distinctions of this process but only to explain to the “executioner” that it is better to stop and the “victim” to understand the events.

The “Executioner”

Each of us has his own routine, personal problems, different characters and as it happens we are not often aware of a said sentence or actions done, but everything has a consequence both words and our actions.
We are prey to our senses: anger, pain, envy, pride, enmity, jealousy and competition, all senses rooted within us. And it is no coincidence that we speak of deadly sins.
“Great is he who to excel and demonstrate what he is does not destroy others.”
I am really talking about you, “executioner”, you who sparse, you who magnify situations, you who are angry at her / him because you can’t stand him, because he has more than you, because he doesn’t smile at you, because you try envy for all he has.
All this concentration and use of forces for this? But why don’t you smile and talk about it before making yourself guilty of a pain caused by you? Do you think you’re feeling better?
I will give you an answer: in the event that something happens to your victim because of your attitude, you will no longer be able to go back asking for an apology and the guilt will cover you.
Unfortunately, however, you will not even understand what is written but remember anger only brings damage and never solutions.
The tear shed by your victim is because of you.

The “Victim”

You are there, in the morning you don’t want to go to work and you would prefer not to enter in to the office rather than suffer again.
Have you been puzzling about your thoughts looking for a solution, talking to someone but are you still there to suffer? It is a normal situation during this period. In your mind you can’t understand the “why” and your questions are always the same: but what did I do, why does it treat me like this, but it realizes?. And then your anger comes out, you start to give against your “executioner”
Do you want to know what’s new? You are aggravating your situation because the more you do it the more she or he will do worse. So stop! Metabolize and try to understand why.
When you understand it, find the solution.
Every person is different, some need actions, others a sweet word at the right time.
I understand you, your unhappiness is oppressing you.

“My experience”

It happened to me! I was a victim and still am, but I am happy that I was never an Executioner and you know why…. “Because I don’t have to apologize to anyone”
There are not many solutions when it happens to you but I list some of them
– Talk to someone
– Try to sit face to face with your executioner
– Close any type of relationship you have with those who hurt you
– Find the right solution for yourself.

Today is not easy, but I think ACTION can be harder than a word … revenge is useless. Create the action with which your “executioner” understands the evil he does and put a point to hatred.
We are far from many feelings now: compassion, love, good and much more but it is society in the first place that is sick and from there people become its image. It’s nice to say “if each of us changes”, but it will never happen … it is our condemnation.
We have one thing and it is powerful: THE CHOICE. Choose! Choose words and actions well … impossible does not exist, there is the possible.
It is the mistake of thinking that you don’t have a choice to make us unhappy. But we all have it and it can be terrible and beautiful.
It’s up to you! I choose an ACTION, the consequences I will see in retrospect.


Albert Einstein on the Atomic Bomb.
“If only I had known what they were going to do I would have become a shoemaker!”

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