From Rome direct flight to Catania then Palermo.

From Rugby to Relax

The embrace of the South that warms your heart and mind.

Anyone who wants to feel cuddled, relax and enjoy wonderful places culturally can easily go to Sicily, it is not necessary to go over the ocean.
Catania and Palermo, the two cities I visited, are totally different but both have a common feature: hospitality … .and like Sicilian there is none!


Located at the foot of Mount Etna which with its eruptions often gives it an “INTENSE” charm. Catania is a city of art, an example of Sicilian Baroque and for this Unesco heritage.
Stroll through the great eighteenth-century avenues and along Via Etnea, the beating heart of the Catanese society and an ideal place for shopping.
… have you seen Spiderman?

Right in the center of Catania, a different and autonomous place to sleep is Asmundo Di Gisira Art Market living Boutique. If you have the art in your blood you can stay overnight in one of the rooms embellished with furnishings with attention to detail, works of art and beautiful view. Besides the Art rooms Proserpina, Uzeta, Sant’Agata, Colapesce, Aci and Galatea, Eliodoro there is a unique Rooftop where you can relax and take the sun. Recommended.

And … do not miss to see Spiderman by the Sicilian artist Domenico Pellegrino on the facade of this 18th-century Palazzo.
A special thanks to Umberto Gulisano, multifaceted entrepreneur who gave me the opportunity to see the place.


The Sport of the boys with a gold heart: the Rugby!

In addition to wandering around Catania I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Massimiliano Vinti, Team Manager of the Amatori Catania Rugby and the councilor Mr. Salvatore Pezzano.
Rugby is an apparently very tough sport but is also a team sport and a sport of respect.
Watching them as a very big, they play between jostling and various piled up and it seem dangerous but at the end of the game you always find them all together to celebrate with opponents and fans
It’s a team sport that teaches a lot, so it’s for the Amatori Catania Rugby
To meet you was a pleasure, see you at the next game!

Useful advice:
If you are in Catania take a tour of the historic center and visit Piazza Del Duomo, Cathedral of Sant’Agata, the colorful Popular Markets.


It is a point of confluence between European and Arab civilization, of which it preserves precious testimonies and the beauty of the coast for its colors ranging from the intense blue of the sea to the green of the luxuriant vegetation. You can visit in all seasons.
Since 2015 the historic center of this city is Patrimonio UNESCO.

Palermo, the various styles of different cultures.

The first place you can not miss to visit is the Cathedral.
The Cathedral of Palermo initially an early Christian basilica; then a mosque during the Arab domination; finally, the Church with the Normans, is the most striking “Piece of History” of the city because inside there is a mix of non-indifferent Arabic-Norman, Gothic and, again, Baroque styles. Inside the royal tombs, including the sarcophagus of Frederick II and the tomb of Santa Rosalia, patron saint of the city.
Other places to visit include the Church of the Martorana, Catacombs of the Capuchins, Palazzo dei Normanni and Cappella Palatina, Palazzo Abatellis.

A Spa in the historic center, Hotel Federico II 4 *


I stayed in this hotel and I was pleasantly surprised. Great food, very friendly staff, comfortable rooms and a wonderful spa.
Inside the Spa: Swimming Pool, Finnish Sauna, Aromatherapy Bath, Relax Area, Massage Cabins, so if you want to stay downtown and enjoy a little ‘relax’ this property is great!

Wine Therapy in the Casale Santa Ida.



About two hours drive from Palermo, if you are a nature lover you can sleep at Casale Santa Ida.
The first impression ihad was to be suspended over the time. There, you will find good food, the silence of nature and the opportunity to experience the harvesting of Figs of India in October, the olive harvest and the molinatura process, and the red grape harvest in September.
There is a little gem inside the Resort … it’s the tub for the Wine Therapy. Immerse yourself in wine because apparently, and studies prove it, has its own detox action on the skin!


Eat well and relax in wonderful places? Yes .. it’s Sicily!
I recommend to visit this amazing place, during the summer book a week for its beautiful sea and during the winter travel in the amazing cities of art!


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