It is magical…it is Sextantio

How I escaped the big city and found myself living in the Middle Ages
Hotel Sextantio diffuso di Santo Stefano di Sessanio, l’Aquila

Born from the project of the entrepreneur Daniele Khilgren, the Sextantio is a widespread hotel. This type of structure is located in a village or in a historical center, with rooms and services located in a different buildings.
The village is charming! The atmosphere is striking. Just by entering the reception you get the glimpse of life in a movie: soft lights, caves and antique frames. Warmly welcomed by the girls of the reception we had a conversation with Roberta De Paolo, Sales Manager of Sextantio ,all while trying a very good Tisane at Fennel inside the Tisaneria: during the renovation of the buildings all the detailes related to the era were taken into into account, beds with tables, original flooring with heating, doors and windows of solid wood, fireplaces in common places, soft lighting, no fridge and no TV or stereo … .but still the WIFI is in every room!
The rooms: are all different from each other but every single one of them very special. Furthermore, each building has their common areas.



Details: a bottle of “nocino” with small glasses of the epoca in the common area and a glass bottle with fresh water near the bed. The blankets were one of those made by hand of a grandmother … and wool … I did not see them in a while. Also the soap … they are produced by local artisans … believe me it is worth trying

The Must: the bathtub in front of the bed …. I personally found it divine.
The restaurants:
The location under the arches. In the interior space there are two large stone arches and a central stone fireplace. The tables and chairs are from the twentieth century. The food… strictly Abruzzese then meat, potatoes and vegetables … and obviously everything was autenthic and organic.
The Cantinone takes its name from the “basement” or “storehouse”, the local traditional Abruzzese houses used for food storage. Located on the ground floor, it was essential for families because it contained the food needed during the long and cold winters. Here you can taste typical local dishes and natural conserved products.
The activities … a lot of them and all very different



Abruzzese domestic cooking lesson
Traditional pastry lesson
Weaving course
Soap Course
The picnic
Outdoor sports
At Sextantio time has no value, we found ourselves living in a enchanted reality. My advice is to go there for three days, unplug your phone and live in that environment in its essence, trying to retrace the feelings of once and then return home with a smile of pleasure and a calm state of mind and satisfaction.

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