From Rome to London with Maximo


London: city that never sleeps.

No matter what time you arrive to London, it will always welcome you as a city full of colors, lights and sounds, that attract millions of tourists every year. But why do they like it so much?

I visit this beautiful multicultural city every year but I do not think I could live here despite many things it offers.

First of all, I should mention that England does not have its own kitchen and for this reason you can find anything there: street food of all kinds, Indian, Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, vegan and vegetarian cuisine… anything you want to eat in London you can find it!

If you like Sushi I would recommend a good restaurant in the Oxford Circus area – “Sushi Eatery”, good food and good price but do not forget to bring cash because they do not accept credit cards!

Also at Oxford Circus you can find Fratelli La Bufala that provides support for every Italian in the city: if you miss good pizza go there, certainly you cannot find anything better!

Indian cuisine? If you are passionate about it, go to “Dishoom Carnaby”, it is located in Soho and it is one of the best Indian restaurants in the area and a great addition to the colorful Carnaby Street.

asian food

Finally, the most famous Chinese Restaurant is obviously located in “China Town” district

Try different kind dumplings at BeijingDumpling … they are delicious!


Taxi? No thanks, I choose Uber

Every time I’m in London I use public transport and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that:

This city is the absolute best at efficiency … everything is perfect and regular, metro and buses pass every minute, you can reach all of the areas easily without a hitch. Dream or reality? You’re in London … not in Rome 😊.

The card is a bit expensive I have to admit, as well as every single route but the service is the best and you can avoid the traffic. I definately recommend it!

Besides Oyster card there is Uber: it works very well and it is cheaper than taxis. I booked and used the services, and can honestly say “There’s no harm”.

A further suggestion: among the airports I would not recommend Stansted, it is far away and there is no metro or train as opposed to others!

Always walk with the umbrella!

In this fantastic city, one of the negative things is the weather. Unfortunately the sun is rarely seen, the temperature is generally cold and it is raining quite a lot. My advice is that you should always bring umbrella and a little sweater with you. If you go from June to September the temperature is mild, for the rest of the months rather cold.

Camden Town

What to do in Britain… during the day

Among the sites to visit I suggest the British Museum.

Camden Town is a gem in the heart of London, vintage market where you can find everything from turntables to tools, from 80s coats to dark clothing of all kinds.

What to do in Britain… during the night

Soho or Mayfair … tell me who are you and I’ll tell you where to go

If you’re into hot disco, super-alcoholical cocktails, wild music, chaos and late-night fun, gay friendly… Soho is the neighborhood for you. You can find everything: quiet restaurants where to dine, local drinks only, also very british, disco and much more.

If you are like me, 30 years old business woman or man then Mayfair is the neighborhood for you!

Attended by managers, lawyers and entrepreneurs. The restaurants are usually medium-high level and the locals offer very nice ‘speak easy’ environment where you can drink with good music and with beautiful people.

Tip: go and eat at Ella Canta Mexican restaurant in the heart of Mayfair, inside the Intercontinental Hotel. I thank Frankie Wong, Director of  Intercontinental London park Lane ,for the hospitality and for letting us taste some delicious dishes!

Important to know: in London we have dinner early (h19) and here in Italy locals open early (h21) … I suggest not going to eat at 22 … .the restaurants closes, then you have to throw yourself on the classic take away.

Russel Square … sleep in the center!

I always choose Russel Square as a reference point for sleeping and being in the sector I will list here three choices that I recommend (of course there are many others but in this area I find myself very comfortable to move, eat and play sports)

3 star Imperial Hotel, good breakfast, there is everything from bacon to croissaints, from tea to coffee (the coffee is American but good). Clean and average rooms. Good for those who do not have many pretensions and do not want to spend a lot.

4 star Double tree is a category structure, nice rooms and good breakfast. Aesthetically very beautiful and equipped with everything, more than good. I recommend it to those who want a good hotel but not a 5*.

5 stars Holborn is a good 5 *.  Good quality with lower prices than the average of colleagues but nothing is missing for my opinion, large rooms with all the services, gym, spa… it is a choice for those who want to stay downtown, have the services of a 5 * hotel and not having to pay absurd amount!

Finally, pay attention to the thermal shock, the outdoor areas are very cold with a different temperatures in the shops and clubs … my advice would be to dress like an onion.


Go to London just for a tea … it’s a beautiful city with cool people and a lot of movement!