Snow and Colors, a postcard city: Moscow

Christmas in Red Square


Moscow is a postcard Capital and even if I am a lover of places with warm temperatures, this city offers emotions and warmth.


I visited this city during the Enit workshop held in December and I took the opportunity to visit the places of greatest tourist interest. Among the important notes, the cold climate is the master of this city. Anyone wishing to visit Moscow in the winter months should know that the temperatures are cold and that it is good to wear comfortable shoes, maybe shoes for snow, sweaters and thermal socks.


About shoes, once arrived, as I am fashion addicted, I wondered how it was possible that Russian women used dizzying heels during heavy snowfall and winter weather,  well know that these girls bring with them the change and once you enter into the club they pull out the hidden shoes and here is Cinderella circling inside the famous Caviar Bar.

The most famous Caviar bar is located in Red Square 3, inside the Gum, the shopping center that runs around Red Square. Here I recommend an aperitif with red and black caviar and a glass of Vodka Belunga. It is an elegant and refined bar where you can sit back and relax after shoppin… but pay attention they accept only cash!


The Russian Style and the Italian one

In Russia I met a friend of mine Pierangelo Carbonara who opened a restaurant, known today, in the historic center, restaurant “Officina” he and Chef Mircko Zago give a kitchen created with Italian products and style but with a Russian accent. If you are in Moscow, go and try their cuisine , cozy place and delicious dishes. The must: “this is not a carbonara”.

Red Square and skating

In Red Square from December there is a very long Ice Skating Rink with  Christmas Market. Do not go in the morning, it’s closed. From the afternoon you can rent skates or sit and taste typical products inside the square.

An important note: Italians are used to seeing the day at 9 am, here in Russia I can tell you that at 10 it is day and at 16 it becomes dark … so a few hours of light. But this does not detract nothing from the beauty of the city that is surrounded by Christmas lights and Christmas trees of different sizes.

The MUST: the subway

The V. Moscow Lenin Metro is famous for the architectural beauty of some stations, examples of the art of socialist realism. 197 stations, 44 of which are considered cultural heritage. The Moscow Metro dates back to 1935 and is one of the largest architectural projects made by the former USSR.

I recommend it for a ride, go to see.

Useful advice:

Warm and thermal clothing, there the temperature can reach -30 degrees


 From the airport to the hotel you can book online a private car with FOX, it costs less and you do not have to stay to negotiate with the taxi drivers. Language can be a problem, not everyone speaks English.

The Hotels: a good 3 * clean and welcoming and English speaking staff near center is the Hotel Eden ulitsa Solyanka 1 drob 2 str 1, Basmannyj. But if you need luxury one, choose  St. Regis Ulitsa Nikolskaya 12, Tverskoy.


To visit:

Red Square

 The Kremlin, the Armory and the Diamond Fund

The Cathedral of San Basilio

GUM Department Stores

The Bolshoi Theater and Tverskaya Street

Tretyakov Gallery

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The Moscow metro

Gorky Park

Novodevichy Convent and Cemetery

Lenin’s Mausoleum

Bunker-42 or Cold War Museum

Museum of Cosmonautics

Izmailovo market

A small line on the Cathedral of San Basilio also known as the Intercession: it is famous for its onion-shaped roof enriched with intense colors. It was built in the years 1555-1561 by order of the tsar Ivan the Terrible to commemorate the victory over the khanate of Kazan, which occurred on the day of the intercession of the Virgin. Visit it …. It’s wowwwwwwwwww

Moscow is a city tight in its rules, the police control the entire old town and you have the feeling of being “safe”, even if the temperatures are cold feel his embrace like a protective father. It’s a place I recommend for 3 or 4 days. The architecture is majestic and perfect … all in its place. Order and Rules, this mix works ….


If you are looking for a city where the historical baggage is still present, the rules are respected and the people love the motherland, Moscow is the perfect capital.

My vote 10 out of 10.

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