When even the potato is a fake!

Shanghai … the lights of the skyline and the smog fog.


Terrible experience! I had a week of work in the “mythical” Shanghai, one of the biggest cities of the world with beautiful places to visit and from where I wanted to escape immediately ….

Book Alitalia flight but it will become China Airlines.

Let’s start by saying that unfortunately Alitalia operates flights from Italy to China, but it does so through the three Chinese flag carriers China Eastern, Air China and China airlines. Sufficiently good vectors, bad catering, “terrible” Chinese Crew, “phenomenal” Italian Crew.

Phenomenal because without them no European would survive a flight of 12 or 14 hours where no one speaks or mentions to speak English or Italian. Yes, because China’s biggest problem is precisely the Chinese and communication.

Ok, ok … you did not understand me?

Unfortunately, while I was staying in this city I had a big problems with communication as nobody speaks English or any other language, the only way to communicate is “visual” or “with images” that does not always work. I’ll tell you an episode to make you understand what I’m talking about.

First day: I went to dinner at the Hotel restaurant where I stayed at Crowne Plaza Century, located in the Business area of ​​Shanghai. I realized immediately that the poor waiter is in trouble when I started to speak in English and then decided to show the menu step by step … it works and finally, after about an hour I can eat. It can happen that someone does not speak English …

The next day, I needed  to move by car so I decided to ask the reception to call me a taxi! Rest bewildered … they did not understand where I had to go … terrifying! Note: if you go to Shanghai you have to mark all the reference places in Chinese language otherwise you can not explain anything because of language problem!

In China they do not speak any other languages ​but their own! … and if they do not understand they run away!

In my opinion it is not possible that in a city like Shanghai in hotels or in tourist areas nobody speaks English … it is shocking

Metro … it works! Mychinataxi … ..the fake Uber …



In Shanghai the metro is very easy to use and the Chinese names are translated so if you have a map with the lines and you know where you want to go take the metro, it costs 50 euro cents each way

Tickets can be bought in the metro at ATMs, but do not change the cash in the airport, take them directly from the ATM, the commission is smaller there.

The buses are very old, I do not recommend them … also because the traffic in the city in some hours gets congested.

I recommend MyChinaTaxi instead. It is an application identical to Uber but can only be used in China. After downloading it, you register and enter the preferred payment method. Select the location and it’s done!

The car arrives, the driver obviously does not speak English but from the application the costumer care writes in English through the chat to know if everything is ok and if you’re in the car !!! 10 and praise..bravi! useful and intelligent!

The food …. no we’re not there!

Chinese food as we know it is not what we ate in China.

Try the Street Food in NanjiRoad : go into this alley where in the various stands there is a bit of everything from noodles to dumblings to steamed vegetables and more. Always ask for bottled water, tap water is not drinkable and dangerous and full of germs.

The Noodles are great and cooked very well the rest I would let it be but try to believe it.

Usually the prices are very very low, you spend more or less from 10 to 20 euros if you eat a lot.

Among the most popular restaurants there are:

M On The Bund


Loushi Tangbao Guan


Shanghai means Yu Garden, the only thing worth seeing

The city is very unusual, walking between the Bund (center) with the mega skyscrapers and the big names you suddenly find yourself in the fabulous Yu Old Street, the old city where inside you can visit the Garden of YU O God’s Temple and in the Neighborhood of Yu Garden. It is spread over an area of ​​almost 2 hectares, divided into six main areas bounded each by Dragon’s Wall – in the center of Old Shanghai: the Sansui Hall, with its high wall Grand Rockery, the Wanhua Chamber also known as the House of Ten Thousand Flowers, Dianchun Hall, Huijing Hall, Yuhua Hall and finally the Inner garden.

Everything is fake

I’m sorry to say it but Shanghai is fake … the skyline all lit up, the skyscrapers that dot the main streets and the business that we talk about cover what it really is: nauseating smell everywhere in the streets, people infected with hoarseness, disregard of the individual, boors.

From the Black Market to Business of any kind, China is a FAKE!

If you ever had the “Pringles”  … here is the copy in China

I recommend going (2 days) … if only to understand how different the other part of the world can be.